Coming Soon | January 2019 New Year Issue | Black Panther Edition

Our above preview video features some of our personal essays, as well as career highlights of our interviewees. The “New Year Issue: Black Panther Edition” will be available January 15, 2019. Stay tuned!

In the New Year issue, we feature passionate personal essays by Liverpool writer and playwright Marjorie H. Morgan, Chicago-based writer Amy Wasney, and Egyptian writer and poet Jaylan Salah, our newest contributor. For those who would rather listen to the personal essays than read them, we’ve included an audio version of the essays read by the writers. 

We’ve also doubled our interviews for this issue. Film critic Pamela Powell, who we interviewed in our inaugual issue, included her TIFF interview with female filmmaker Michal Aviad. She spoke with Michal about her film “Working Woman” (2018), releasing in LA and NYC in March and April 2019. I had the pleasure of interviewing “The Curvy Film Critic” Carla Renata. Carla is the onscreen host of “Black Tomatoes Live” (soon to be rebranded and named “The Curvy Film Critic), which is featured on the YouTube channel “Black Hollywood Live.”

I also interviewed two Chicago-based actors and filmmakers who recently had their directorial debuts. I interviewed Tiffany Addison about her debut “Road to Freedom” (2017), and Clare Cooney, who wrote and directed the film festival smash “Runner” (2018). Both filmmakers are strong, talented women and bring their strength to their filmmaking.

Thank you for reading, and have a happy New Year!

—Rebecca Martin, founder and editor in chief

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