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A Conversation Between Cinema Femme Founder Rebecca Martin and Filmmaker Meryl Goldsmith

GROWING UP MERYL GOLDSMITH: I was born and raised in the Detroit suburbs, in Bloomfield Hills. I went to University of Michigan, and I majored in film there. I think that was the first time I realized I could officially do film as a job. I didn’t know that was an option, I never had

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A Conversation Between Cinema Femme Founder Rebecca Martin and Film Critic Danielle Solzman

STARTING OUT DANIELLE SOLZMAN: As far as actually writing about it, I got my start writing for FlickSided. At first, I was writing news pieces but I would later write movie reviews. I also wrote some original reporting, including a feature on Harold Ramis on the one-year anniversary of his passing. “Thor: The Dark World”

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A Poem for the Mother

Illustration by Tavi Veraldi A Poem for the Mother Who lost her son… In a car crash In a dog fight Amid the dust mines of recessed memories A poem for the agony For the fear For the future Remembering to call her before you go to sleep When the gunshots start pouring When the enemies roll

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“Hail Satan?”: Interview with Documentary Filmmaker Penny Lane

“Hail Satan?” (2019) is not only an eye-catching title, the content is eye-opening! The upbeat, energetic, and talented documentary filmmaker Penny Lane gave Sundance audiences food for thought in this hilarious new film that reveals the truth about The Satanic Temple and our own country’s issues with separation of Church and State. I had the

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I Can’t Understand

By Amy Renee Wasney There are plenty of things in the world I don’t understand. I was never all that interested in physics, or calculus, or automobiles.  There are various topics that I just am not that interested in, or I never took any classes in, or I had a bad teacher or a bad

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The Burden of Heartbreak

By Atavia Reed When the lights in “Strong Island” (2017) begin to dim and the credits start to roll, the viewer is left with an echo of a scream ringing intensely in their ears. Director and filmmaker Yance Ford has just spoken with the District Attorney in charge of his brother’s case and learns a

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Strong Island: Documentary Filmmaking as a Coming-of-Age Tale

By Jaylan Salah It’s always the women, the queer, and the blacks. They are the ones who tell stories. They are the ones who dig deep into their families’ histories. They are the ones who try to uncover the truth and make amends with the past so they can live a different future. It’s always

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The Contours of Fear: A Documentary Elegy

By Marjorie H. Morgan The sound of repetitive, relentless punching against a fixed piece of board starts this documentary, and a world upside down and back to front ends it. Every frame of the 107 minutes in between reinforces the idea that the director, Yance Ford, is sharing his personal elegy of grief with the

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An Interview with Docademia Cofounder Nassim Abdi

We spoke with Nassim Abdi, Ph.D, on what inspired her to found Docademia and the power of using documentaries when teaching in classrooms. Docademia is a social initiative that uses independent documentaries to bring social justice discussions to life in classrooms. Learn more about Docademia here: Buy Issue 3 Here!

An Interview with Documentary Filmmakers Katy Osborn and Andrea Alberti

We interviewed filmmakers Katy Osborn and Andrea Alberti about their documentary “Head to Head.” “Head is Head” is about the hair industry, women who struggle with hair loss, and how much hair ties into one’s sense of self. Learn more about their documentary at Buy Issue 3 Here!