If you love female voices in cinema, let’s collaborate! We offer three ways we can collaborate, but we’re not limited to these options.

To learn more, email Cinema Femme founder Rebecca Martin at

Social Media

Let’s share the women in film love! The whole mission of Cinema Femme is to get the voices of the female film experience out there. If you agree, we would love to share your voice with our followers and have you support us in the same way.


In Chicago? Let’s collaborate on an event—film screenings, panel discussions, co-fundraising events, film festivals, etc. Events are one of the core parts of Cinema Femme because we are not just a magazine, we are a movement!

Shared Content

Cinema Femme is proud of our content! We have talented writers, editor, illustrators, and designers. We know that we’re not the only platform with great talent, and collaborating can bring out powerful content. Let’s explore ways we can collaborate on content, whether it’s a written work, a piece of artwork, a video, or a website, we’d love to discuss.