Contributors for Issue 2, “Black Panther” Edition

Rebecca Martin, Founder and Editor in Chief

Rebecca Martin is the founder of Cinema Femme magazine. Rebecca’s true passion has always been film. She founded the Chicago Film Lover Exchange in 2011, which has grown to over 6,000 members. She has worked with various publications, including the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Lawyer magazine, and the CBA (Chicago Bar Association) Record. Rebecca is also the podcast cohost of Fresh Perspective, featured on the Now Playing Network, with her film lovin’ friend Jeff Broitman. Along with film, Rebecca is passionate about empowering and encouraging other women to follow their dreams and passions. Follow Rebecca on Twitter and Instagram.

Alison Marcotte, Editor

Alison Marcotte is a writer and editor in Chicago area. She’s always been passionate about storytelling, no matter the medium. During college, she interned at Real Simple magazine, NPR member stations Illinois Public Media and KNKX, and the Chicago Reader. After graduating from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in journalism, she contributed to The Onion‘s satirical celebrity gossip website StarWipe. Today, she copyedits books for book publishers and writes content for digital marketing agencies. With a background in journalism and a passion for film, small businesses, and empowering other women, she’s excited to be part of the Cinema Femme team and movement. You can follow Alison on Twitter or visit her website at

Jennifer Jenkins, Designer

Award-winning graphic designer Jennifer Jenkins began her experience working at local newspapers, but her love for graphic design was sparked back in high school. Starting with advertisement design and pre-press, she worked her way up to small magazines and eventually onto larger publications like Chicago Lawyer magazine. From bright, splashy designs to clean, modern vibes, Jennifer brings a creative and fun spin to the graphic design world. Learn more about Jennifer’s work here:

Laurine Cornuéjols, Illustrator

Laurine Cornuéjols is a French illustrator who creates colorful and elegant illustrations using a combination of watercolor and digital media. When she is not working from her studio in London, she travels the world with her sketchbook and camera. One of her favorite films: “Big Fish” (2003). Learn more about Laurine’s work here.

Pamela Powell, Contributing Writer

Pamela Powell has been reviewing big blockbuster films as well as independent gems for nearly a decade. She writes film reviews for The Daily Journal and FF2 Media, and appears weekly with film critic Chuck Koplinski on review show “Reel Talk with Chuck and Pam” on WCIA-3. With a graduate degree from Northwestern in Speech-Language Pathology, Pamela has tailored her writing, observational, and evaluative skills to encompass all aspects of film. With a focus on women in film, Pamela also gravitates toward films that are eye-opening, educational, and entertaining with the hopes of making this world a better place. Follow Pamela on Twitter.

Marjorie Morgan, Contributing Writer

Marjorie Morgan is a writer, playwright, and journalist with special interest in cultural and social politics. Marjorie writes both critically and creatively, and in 2018 she is a writer-in-residence for Independent Liverpool Biennial. She has written for a number of national and international publications, such as The Guardian and Reader’s Digest. She was also recently shortlisted for the 15th Windsor Fringe International Kenneth Branagh Drama Awards. See Marj’s site here.

Amy Renee Wasney, Contributing Writer

Amy Renee Wasney is a passionate writer and feminist living in the south suburbs of Chicago and an annual participant in National Novel Writing Month. Her favorite films include “To Kill a Mockingbird” (1962), “The Princess Bride” (1987), and “Big Fish” (2003), and her personal heroes are Fred Rogers and Hermione Granger. She tries to live up to their example each and every day.

Jaylan Salah, Contributing Writer

Jaylan Salah is an Egyptian poet, translator, two-time national literary award winner, animal lover, feminist, film critic, and philanthropist. Jaylan’s short story collection “Thus Spoke La Loba” was published in 2016 by the Egyptian Supreme Council of Culture after winning first place and gaining critical acclaim. It explores sexuality, gender, and issues of identity. One of her poems, “Poof, Vagina,” won first prize in the “Bleed on the Page” competition held by Her first poetry book “Workstation Blues” will be published with PoetsIN, a publishing house with the purpose of destigmatizing mental illness and supporting international artists. Follow Jaylan on Twitter.