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‘Call Me By Your Name’: when a film feels more like a memory

“Call Me By Your Name” (2017) is an incredible testament to the power and necessity of details and tone. It proves how artistry and craft are key to having audiences empathize with characters they don’t necessarily relate to, or don’t think they can relate to. It shows the importance of representation in film and how having a few movies about gay men (or any minority for that matter) is not enough. And ultimately, it is proof that great story is not forced, but earned and felt.

‘Lady Bird’ and coming home

In Christine and her insecure and unkind imperfection, I see myself in high school. Though I was never as bold or outwardly rebellious, I shared her desire to run away from my hometown. Hers is Sacramento and mine was suburban Wisconsin, but the sentiment was the same: Anywhere is okay, as long as it’s not here.