Short Block 3: Transformation

 This block is all about transformation, a man is aided through his break-up thanks to an automated “Alexa”-style voice (“Let Me Assist You”), an animated look at our 2020 election (“The Long Goodbye”), a dreamer becoming king (“Mijo”), a woman facing her phobias (“Don’t Worry About It”), and two witches avenge their friend by hexing the man who assaulted her (“Hex & Rage”).

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“Let Me Assist You” – directed by Noam Argov

USA | English | 8.30 min

After an absolutely devastating breakup, a man’s AI virtual assistant tries to take over as his fitness and wellness coach.

“The Long Goodbye” – directed by Heidi Neff

USA | English | 6.47 min | Trailer

This is a personal documentary of Election Day 2020 to Inauguration Day 2021.

“Mijo” – directed by Mazdey Snob

Mexico | Spanish | 5.29 min | Trailer

Mijo is a young dreamer, suddenly blessed with the gift of King Midas. However his ability has a unique twist: whatever and whoever he touches is stylishly pimped up.

“Don’t Worry About It” – directed by Melissa Kong

USA | English | 12.27 min

After her father’s death, a young woman’s obsessive-compulsive disorder spirals out of control. She enters an intensive therapy program, where she must learn to deal with his death and her OCD before it takes over her life.

“Hex & Rage” – directed by Sasha Lebedeva

USA | English | 14 min.

Two teen witches avenge their stripper friend by hexing the man who assaulted her.

Q&A with filmmakers

Noam Argov (dir. “Let Me Assist You”)
Heidi Neff (dir. “The Long Goodbye”)
Mazdey Snob (dir. “Mijo”)
Melissa Kong (dir. “Don’t Worry About It”)
Sasha Lebedeva (dir. “Hex & Rage”)


Dawn Borchardt

Dawn Borchardt is a Salt Lake City-based film festival producer, film podcaster and filmmaker. She has worked at many film festivals around the US including Sundance and the LA Film Fest, and currently produces the Freeland Film Fest which focuses on sharing stories that inspire. She hosts the podcast Faux Reel interviewing indie filmmakers about how their personal histories and beliefs interweave with the stories they share on screen. Dawn’s lifelong love of horror film is what got her immersed in the film world, ultimately landing her focus on experimental work, documentaries and stories that inspire change.