Q&A moderated by Lara Gallagher (“Clementine”) with Short Block 2 filmmakers, free event on Friday, August 7th 5 PM PT / 8 PM EST. Meet the moderator and filmmakers.


Corked – directed by Lori Shockley

Corked is a dramatic short film set in 1970’s Northern California wine country. It’s based on the true story of one young women’s struggle against the status quo. Jane Dunlap is at the crossroads of asserting her independence in the male dominated industry. Which direction will she choose?


Tension – directed by Erin Brockhouse

A short documentary about experiencing Vaginismus.


Bess – directed by Veronica Miles

After finding a photo of her recently passed Grandmother standing on a street corner in New Orleans, a young woman decides to travel to the city to find that same corner. As she journeys through her grieving process, she discovers the healing powers of the city. Based on a true story and shot on an iPhone 7 over Mardi Gras 2018.

“The Revelation”

The Revelation – directed by Kristine Morgan

It’s December 31, 1999, and Gladys is preparing for the end of the world.


Mia – directed by Sam Herath

21 year old Mia is desperate to connect and fall in love. Her world is turned upside down one day when Emilie, a girl she likes, suddenly, asks her out on a date. As Mia’s excitement and preparations for the big date begin, she is confronted by one major obstacle, her crippling anxiety. Believing that she knows what best works for her, Mia pushes back her sister-in-law Helen’s attempts to help. As the big date approaches, Mia scrambles to win Emilie’s heart her own way. But, her preparations are disrupted when her past traumas, which have remained buried, pounce on her, exacerbating her anxiety. Finally, Mia must work out how to help herself.