Cinema Femme’s mission

Cinema Femme is the voice of the female film experience. We are a media platform that elevates the diverse voices of women in film, from film critics and filmmakers to moviegoers. But we are not just a media platform—we are a movement. We are a community that encompasses those who watch, those who make, and those who review. Our main goal is to impact film culture internationally by sharing our film experiences.


Rebecca Martin, Founder and Editor in Chief

Rebecca Martin’s true passion has always been film. She founded the Chicago Film Lover Exchange in 2011, which has grown to 6,000-plus members. Along with film, Rebecca is passionate about empowering and encouraging other women to follow their dreams and passions.
Danielle Acton, Business Development Coordinator

Danielle Acton is a Columbia College Chicago senior in the Cinema & Television Department, studying Television Directing and Production. She’s contributed to The Light Leaks and worked on Columbia’s Frequency TV as a content producer.
Laurine Cornuéjols, Illustrator

Laurine Cornuéjols is a French illustrator who creates colorful and elegant illustrations using a combination of watercolor and digital media. When she’s not working from her studio in London, she travels the world with her sketchbook and camera.
Gabrielle Riscanevo, Illustrator

Gabrielle Riscanevo is a New York City–based illustrator and print designer. She has developed a style that finds a balance between realism and graphic shapes and patterns. When she’s not creating art, she enjoys creating plant-based recipes and checking off movies from her Must-Watch list.
Kana Felix, Contributing Writer

Kana Felix is a Chicago-based writer and director who primarily focuses on comedic films. She is an alumna at both the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at NYU and Harold Ramis Film School at The Second City.
Jaylan Salah, Contributing Writer

Jaylan Salah is an Egyptian poet, translator, two-time national literary award winner, animal lover, feminist, film critic, and philanthropist. Jaylan’s short story collection “Thus Spoke La Loba” was published in 2016 by the Egyptian Supreme Council of Culture
Atavia Reed, Contributing Writer

Atavia Reed is a Chicago-based writer and editor. Her work has been featured by VICE Media and USA TODAY. Currently, she studies Sketch Writing at The Second City and provides original, digital content for several nonprofits.

Alison Marcotte, Editor

Alison Marcotte has always been passionate about storytelling, no matter the medium. With a background in journalism and a passion for film, small businesses, and empowering other women, she’s excited to be part of the Cinema Femme team and movement.
Jennifer Jenkins, Designer

Jennifer Jenkins began her experience working at local newspapers, but her love for graphic design was sparked back in high school. From bright, splashy designs to clean, modern vibes, Jennifer brings a creative and fun spin to the graphic design world.
Tavi Veraldi, Illustrator

Tavi Veraldi is a Chicago-based illustrator. Her illustration style is bold, playful, and busy. The inspiration behind most of her work is the genre queer, classic Hollywood, and B movies she can get her hands on.
Pamela Powell, Contributing Writer

Pamela Powell has been reviewing big blockbuster films as well as independent gems for nearly a decade. She writes film reviews for The Daily Journal and FF2 Media, and appears weekly with film critic Chuck Koplinski on review show “Reel Talk with Chuck and Pam” on WCIA-3.
Alyse McGuigan, Contributing Writer

Alyse McGuigan is a Chicago-based writer and performer from Park Ridge, IL. She is a graduate of the iO and Chicago Improv Den programs and has studied improv and writing at The Second City. Alyse regularly performs around Chicago with indie improv teams and a sketch comedy duo.
Marjorie H. Morgan, Contributing Writer

Marjorie H. Morgan is a writer, playwright, and journalist with special interest in cultural and social politics. Marjorie writes both critically and creatively, and in 2018 she is a writer-in-residence for Independent Liverpool Biennial.
Amy Renee Wasney, Contributing Writer

Amy Renee Wasney is a passionate writer and feminist living in the south suburbs of Chicago and an annual participant in National Novel Writing Month. Her favorite films include “To Kill a Mockingbird” (1962), “The Princess Bride” (1987), and “Big Fish” (2003).