Cinema Femme is the voice of the female film experience. We are a media platform that elevates the diverse voices of women in film, from film critics and filmmakers to moviegoers.

But we are not just a media platform—we are a movement. We are a community that encompasses those who watch, those who make, and those who review.

Our main goal is to impact film culture internationally by sharing our film experiences.


Our personal essays are meant to highlight film in our culture today. These essays, written by women, are focused on a singular female-fronted film; the writers share their analysis, reflections, and criticisms of the film.


Our interviews help women grow and learn how to work within the film industry. We feature interviews with female creators, covering their personal stories, projects they’re working on, and changes they’re seeing in the industry.


Our voices ring out louder when we support each other. Through our events, we hope to become a resource for creators at any point in their career to grow and connect with others.

The allyship of sisterhood is such a strong connection that we at Cinema Femme are proud to uphold so that women-identifying creators have a place within our society that has previously swept them under the rug.