Banner year for Lena Dunham with films that encourage women to embrace their beautiful complexities: Trailer released today for CATHERINE CALLED BIRDY and SHARP STICK now in theaters

Today we celebrate director, writer, actor, and producer Lena Dunham. This multi-faceted talent is the creator of the award-winning and game changing series “Girls”, which aired for HBO for 6 seasons (2012 – 2018). What Lena has showed us through her series and continues to […]

Brazilian filmmaker Anita Rocha Da Silveira revives a tale from Greek mythology in her fantastical new horror film, “Medusa”

In 2013, I befriended a Brazilian woman named Ana. I met her through my film discussion group. We became instant friends and then she introduced me to her friends. Eventually, I felt like an honorary Brazilian. It was so much fun to watch the World Cup in 2015, […]