‘Clueless’ broke down barriers and paved the way for today’s comedies

At the end, “Clueless” is both reflective and ahead of its time. It implants the image of the modern woman of the nineties, rebelling against the clean-shaven stereotypical second-wave feminists and paving the way for women of the fourth-wave feminist, who unlike their predecessors were able to subvert the gaze completely by liberating from the gender and sexual spectrum. Despite resistance, the atmosphere right now is more welcoming than ever for a female-led comedy that does not fear the sexual power of its funny lead actress.

Not just Gilda, but Rita too

“Every man I knew went to bed with Gilda . . . and woke up with me.” -Rita Hayworth It’s powerful when you see yourself represented in a real way onscreen for the very first time. I’m still waiting for this sort of portrayal to […]