Short Block 2: Around the Table

The tables have turned and the scripts have been flipped in these four dramatic shorts. In “Bolgonese” a woman eats a bowl of pasta in reflection, a revealing game of Old Maid in “Carpool”, a transgender protagonist breaks bread and breaks through identity (“I, Too, Am American”), and a woman faces daily sexual harassment in the workplace (“Otherwise A Woman”).

4/29: Short Block 2 Premiere Screening + Q&A 3:30 PM PT / 6:30 PM ET, moderator: Emily Robinson Premiere Pass, All Access Pass

4/29: Short Block 2 Second Screening 8:00 PM PT / 11:00 PM ET Second Screening Pass, All Access Pass


“Bolognese” – directed by Annika Chavez and Sara Linden

USA | English | 17.23 min

An unforeseen confession derails expectations when Mira finally meets face to face with the man
she’s been virtually dating for a week.

“Carpool” – directed by Bridget Frances Harris

USA | English | 6.38 min | Trailer

Two estranged sisters collide at their mother’s wake, forcing them to excavate their untouched past.

“I, Too, Am America” – directed by S-hekh Shem Hetep Ebron

USA | English | 3.49 min

A dance short film that intertwines perception and one’s true identity.

“Otherwise A Woman” – directed by Ayesha Abouelazm

USA | English | 20.34 min | Trailer

After years of being sexually harassed and assaulted in the workplace, a woman fights to regain control of her life.  

Q&A with filmmakers

Annika Chavez (dir. “Bolognese”)
Sara Linden (dir. “Bolognese”)
Bridget Frances Harris (dir. “Carpool”)
S-hekh Shem Hetep Ebron (dir. “I, Too, Am America”)
Ayesha Abouelazm (dir. “Otherwise A Woman”)
Myriam Raymond (“Otherwise A Woman” writer, producer, star)


Emily Robinson

Emily Robinson has been acting since she was a child. She’s worked on projects like Transparent, Eighth Grade, and Private Life with powerhouse directors such as Andrea Arnold, Joey Soloway, Tamara Jenkins, Bo Burnham, among numerous others. She has been nominated for a SAG Award for best Ensemble in a comedy show for Transparent, and received a special Drama Desk Award along with the rest of the cast, creative team, and producers of The Orphans’ Home Cycle (Signature Theatre Company).

At seventeen Emily Robinson wrote, directed, produced and starred in Virgin Territory, a short film which premiered at LA Film Festival, and has since been optioned and developed by Universal Cable Production. Robinson’s sophomore short film, Hearsay, premiered at the Lone Star Film Festival in 2021. Robinson graduated from Columbia University with a degree in Creative Writing. Robinson is repped by United Talent Agency.