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Dr. Caroline Heldman on #MeToo and Representation

Back in January during my trip in Los Angeles, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Caroline Heldman, research director at the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, associate professor of politics at Occidental College, and executive director of The Representation Project. Dr. Heldman also cofounded the New Orleans Women’s Shelter and the Lower

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Body, Heart, Soul

By Amy Renee Wasney General Okoye, Spy Nakia, Princess Shuri. The film might be “Black Panther” (2018), but without these women, there would be no T’Challa, no Black Panther, no Wakanda, no Earth. While T’Challa was coping with his new role and doubting everything he knew, the women of Wakanda were by his side, showing

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The Women of Wakanda

By Marjorie H. Morgan The film “Black Panther” (2018) is a typical Marvel action movie that’s not typical in its casting. A large amount of the action is performed by the women, main characters who don’t exist solely to assist the goals of a male character. They each have their own agendas and missions. The

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Third World as We Do Not Know It—Why We Need More Black Panthers That Defy White Patriarchy

This essay appeared in the second issue of Cinema Femme magazine. Read the full issue here. When I first started my international film criticism career, I never thought anyone would be interested in what a twenty-something Egyptian feminist woman had to say. I was not Western, I had not studied the art of filmmaking at

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Cinema Femme New Year Issue — Editor’s Letter

Welcome to Cinema Femme’s New Year Issue, “Black Panther” Edition! Back in 2016, I got the chance to hear Ryan Coogler speak at UChicago about his films “Fruitvale Station” (2013) and “Creed” (2015). He also talked about a little film he was working on called “Black Panther.” I knew at that time that “Black Panther”

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