Cinema Femme Voices: ‘Black Panther’

Earlier this year, we chose “Black Panther” to be our film focus for our January issue (read my editor’s letter here). I chose the film because of its global impact … Continue reading Cinema Femme Voices: ‘Black Panther’

A conversation between Cinema Femme magazine founder Rebecca Martin and film critic Carla Renata

“We made history doing that [‘The Black Experience on Film’ for Turner Classic Movies]. Turner Classic Movies had never done anything like that before. Because my love of film was fostered by my mother, to be able to have her watch me hosting Turner Classic Movies was everything.”

Cinema Femme New Year Issue — Editor’s Letter

Ryan Coogler’s “Black Panther” (2018) was chosen for our New Year issue because of the hope this film brought for onscreen representation, and because it’s proof that diverse, strong female characters do well in the box office.