Short Film “Cool for Five Seconds” now on Omeleto!

Inaugural 2020 Cinema Femme Short Film Fest selected “Cool for Five Seconds”- Short Film is officially released online! Link below!

“Directed by Dani Wieder from a script by Calamity West, this two-hander is equal parts bitingly funny, emotionally raw and deeply empathetic, with an ear and eye for the complexities of relationships between sisters, and how currents of affection and anger can flow between siblings, though it all comes from a deep well of love.”

“Cool for Five Seconds” was written by Calamity West, directed by Dani Wieder, Produced by Katherine Bourne Taylor & Mary Tilden. Starring Mary Tilden & Katherine Bourne Taylor. It was first performed as a play, then adapted to the screen and shot in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago.Please share the link with your network and friends! The first days are important to the long-term visibility of the film and your engagement really helps.

Also, please “like” the film on YouTube and let us know what you think in the comment section! Thank you, and we hope you enjoy

“Cool For Five Seconds”!CW: Mention of eating disorder, mention of addiction

Festival Day One | Short Block 1

Today we highlight Short Block 1 films and filmmakers. Short Block 1 films and Short Blocks 2-4 films starting at 10 AM PT today thorough 8/9/20 on our Seed&Spark festival platform.

Q&A with the directors of the selected films from Short Block 1, moderated by documentary filmmaker Colette Ghunim (Founder of Mezcla Media Collective). Featured for the Q&A are Dani Wieder (“Cool for Five Seconds”), Andi Morrow (“Pusher”), Nathalie Villarpando (“Mi Alma”), Brittany Reeber (“The Cheap Seats”), and Regina Banali (“In the Blood”).

Watch virtual event 5 PM PT LIVE on here on YouTube , or on FB LIVE

Meet some of the Short Block 1 Filmmakers

Dani Wieder – “Cool for Five Seconds”
Andi Morrow – “Pusher”
Nathalie Villarpando – “Mi Alma”