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Kelly O’Sullivan’s debut script “Saint Frances” brings an authentic look into womanhood

I had the pleasure of interviewing Kelly O’Sullivan shortly after her film “Saint Frances” opened at the Chicago Critics Film Festival at the Music Box Theatre this May. O’Sullivan wrote the screenplay and stars in the film. We talked about her path to Chicago and acting before discussing this raw and unique film. ABBOTT AND

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Comedy Issue Cover Artist: Tavi Veraldi

Tavi Veraldi is talented Chicago-based illustrator, film buff, and overall stellar person. With her edgy, comic-book style, horror-inspired art, and pop art look, Tavi’s style is distinctive and reminds me of Chicago neighborhoods like Logan Square and Wicker Park. Her work is infused with her love for film, and we’re so happy she was available

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Cinema Femme’s Comedy Issue — Editor’s Letter

With our fifth issue, the Comedy issue, we wanted to honor and celebrate iconic films and TV shows that have changed the face of comedy. There has been so many strong, hilarious, and female-led films that have come out recently, including “Booksmart,” “Family,” “Being Frank,” “Sword of Trust,” “The Farewell,” “About A Donkey,” “Knives and

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