Palm Springs Shortfest 2023: Noam Argov talks about her mother/daughter drama short “SULAM” (“The Ladder”)

See “SULAM” (“The Ladder”) at 2:30 PM PST on 6/24, reserve your spot! Filmmaker Noam Argov will be in attendance! Rebecca Martin Fagerholm, Managing Editor, spoke with Cinema Femme Short Film Fest 2023 Breaking Down Walls Mentor Recipient Noam Argov about her short “SULAM” (“The Ladder”). […]

Isabel Sandoval beautifully elevates the marginalized in “Lingua Franca”

“Every image or sound is a vessel for emotion: rapture, despair, sensuousness, fury, a combination of these. That makes cinema a kind of legerdemain: the art of sculpting such seemingly artificial elements to create a singular, genuine emotional experience.” –excerpt from Isabel Sandoval’s director’s statement […]