A religious experience with Molly Hewitt’s ‘Holy Trinity’

I am ready to share with the world that I am a freaky queer femme sex worker domme and I am also a fucking filmmaker.  —Molly Hewitt/Glamhag June, 2019  Molly … Continue reading A religious experience with Molly Hewitt’s ‘Holy Trinity’

CherryPicks founder and ‘Being Frank’ director Miranda Bailey is paving the way for women in film

Miranda Bailey is not just one thing—she is Miranda Bailey, the producer, director, actor, founder of CherryPicks, mother, and inspiration to women in the industry.

Pamela B. Green’s documentary honors filmmaking pioneer Alice Guy-Blaché

Meeting Pamela, I could feel the force of nature of Alice Guy-Blaché through her passionate words and her film. It’s like Alice called out to Pamela to introduce her to our modern-day world, and she answered the call. The film gave me and the rest of the viewers of the screening such a gift to meet Alice and fall in love with her during the process.

Dr. Caroline Heldman on #MeToo and representation

During my trip in Los Angeles, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Caroline Heldman, research director at the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, associate professor of politics at Occidental College, and executive director of The Representation Project.

A conversation between Cinema Femme magazine founder Rebecca Martin and film critic Carla Renata

“We made history doing that [‘The Black Experience on Film’ for Turner Classic Movies]. Turner Classic Movies had never done anything like that before. Because my love of film was fostered by my mother, to be able to have her watch me hosting Turner Classic Movies was everything.”