'Bombshell' brings #MeToo to the big screen

[over the phone]Megyn Kelly: Ready to go to war?Gretchen Carlson: Oh, yeah. “Bombshell” (2019) Spoilers revealed Being interviewed by my soon-to-be boss, I could tell he thought I was good looking, that … Continue reading 'Bombshell' brings #MeToo to the big screen

Pamela B. Green’s documentary honors filmmaking pioneer Alice Guy-Blaché

Meeting Pamela, I could feel the force of nature of Alice Guy-Blaché through her passionate words and her film. It’s like Alice called out to Pamela to introduce her to our modern-day world, and she answered the call. The film gave me and the rest of the viewers of the screening such a gift to meet Alice and fall in love with her during the process.