NOFF 2023 Interview: Michéle Stephenson’s “Going to Mars: The Nikki Giovanni Project” illuminates a reimagined future

I’m going to keep my intro brief because I feel filmmaker Michéle Stephenson speaks to the truth of her film “Going to Mars: The Nikki Giovanni Project,” which she co-directed with Joe Brewster, in more of an eloquent way than I could. So this interview […]

NOFF 2023 Interview: Nailah Jefferson on Her Empowering Documentary, “Commuted”

In 1993, Danielle Metz, a first-time nonviolent offender, was sentenced to triple-life plus twenty years. In 2016, she was granted clemency by the Obama Administration. Nailah Jefferson, a storyteller and documentarian, has now made the film “Commuted,” which chronicles Danielle’s life post-prison. I was fortunate […]