‘Britt-Marie Was Here’ directed by ‘Annihilation’ star Tuva Novotny

Actor Tuva Novotny (“Annihilation,” “Eat Pray Love”) follows up her directorial debut “Blind Spot” (Blindson) with her second feature “Britt-Marie Was Here,” going from thriller to heart-warming comedy. “Britt-Marie Was … Continue reading ‘Britt-Marie Was Here’ directed by ‘Annihilation’ star Tuva Novotny

Superman Is Just For Kids

It took the rest of the Lisbon girls a little while longer to learn, but not much longer. Lux mostly got the lesson from Trip. Waking up to find you’ve been abandoned in the middle of a football field is a harsh way to wake up, in more ways than one, but her excursions to the roof solidified the knowledge. In the iconic shot of her with her cigarette, staring into nothing, there’s a coldness in her eyes that we hadn’t seen before, that only shows up in a girl’s face after she’s learned that she’s on her own.