RITA WISHMAN’S BIRTHDAY (2020) “Rita Wishman’s Birthday” is a dark comedy about ‘Rita Wishman’s’ (played by Ariel Kavoussi) 30th birthday.

Charlotte Film Festival (Virtual Edition) 2020, Official Selection

Director/Producer/Writer/Editor: Ariel Kavoussi

Starring: Ariel Kavoussi, Magnus Kavoussi, Judith Salavetz, Max Drazen

Cinematography/Sound: Moebius Simmons

Additional Editor: Justin Kavoussi

Color Correct: Jenny Montgomery Special

Thanks: Lillian LaSalle, Nick Kavoussi, Saemi Kavoussi

Ariel Kavoussi is an award-winning artist, writer, producer, filmmaker, actor, and curator of film & video works based in New York City. Her work has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art’s Documentary Fortnight, Dia: Chelsea, Louis B. James, Anthology Film Archives, the Williams College Museum of Art, Woodstock Film Festival, Loft Film Festival, Maryland Film Festival, Lighthouse International Film Festival, and elsewhere.

Her most recent short film, THE POET AND THE PROFESSOR, is a dark comedy which stars herself opposite indie stalwart Kevin Corrigan (WALKING AND TALKING, THE GET DOWN) and Bob Byington (THE COLOR WHEEL). It premiered at the 2017 Maryland Film Festival and was selected as one of the few short films to be included in the new Parkway Theater’s regular programming under “Dark Comedy Shorts.” INDIEWIRE heralded the debut as a “truly absurdist, provocative, and contemporary feminist film.”

In 2017, Ariel acted opposite Anne Heche, Sandra Oh, & Dylan Baker in Onur Tukel’s dark comedic feature CATFIGHT (Toronto International Film Festival). Numerous critics have lauded her performance; Vanity Fair singled Ariel Kavoussi out as “Hilarious Newcomer” for her work, as did Variety. Kavoussi can now be seen opposite Emma Stone in Cary Fukunaga’s original series for Netflix called “Maniac,” as well as opposite Mamoudou Athie in Alex Karpovsky’s original series for FX Networks called “Oh, Jerome No.” She graduated from Williams College in 2012.

Cinema Femme feature: https://cinemafemme.com/2019/11/18/feminist-filmmaker-and-maniac-actor-ariel-kavoussi-brings-raw-female-characters-onscreen-with-the-poet-and-the-professor-and-birdshit/

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