Happy Monday! Today we celebrate Patricia Vidal Delgado (“La Leyenda Negra”), and her short “Caroline”. It premiered yesterday for the European Cultural Days 2021 and runs on YouTube until May 16th. The short is featured as part of the Female Award-Shortfilm-programme.

About “Caroline”

Synopsis: A professional artist is on the brink of failure as she struggles with self-doubt and the resignation of her new assistant just before her first solo show.

Watch above!


Rachel Rath

Terrance Richardson

Ron Freedman

Paul Uhler

Rita Barkett


Writer & Director: Patrícia Vidal Delgado

First Assistant Director: Eric Staley

Production: UCLA TFT

Producer: Jessica Moore

Director of Photography: Matt Maio

Editor: Steven Moyer

Patricia Vidal Delgado on “Caroline” set

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