Anna Hints on the power of Southern Estonia women in their feature debut, “Smoke Sauna Sisterhood”

This interview was originally posted on January 20th, 2023 for our 2023 Sundance coverage. We feature it again with the anticipated November 24 US theatrical release. See link to find showtimes in your area. The film comes to digital on 01/23/2024. This film is quoted […]

CIFF 2023 Review: “Paradise is Burning,” (“Paradiset Brinner”) directed by Mika Gustafson

“Paradise is Burning” screened as part of The 59th Chicago International Film Festival on October 18, 2023, as part of the International Competition. Writer-director Mika Gustafson’s “Paradise is Burning” is a union of debuts. It’s her narrative feature film debut, and the three actresses at […]

CIFF 2023 Review: “Sisterhood,” (“HLM Pussy”) directed by Nora El Hourch

“Sisterhood” screened as part of The 59th Chicago International Film Festival, learn more about this film! Nora El Hourch’s feature debut “Sisterhood” (french title: “HLM Pussy”) is an emboldened dossier of how girlhood prematurely, and often violently, transitions into womanhood. Amina (Leah Aubet), Djeneba (Médina […]

Cannes 2023: Lillah Halla on her directorial debut “Levante (Power Alley)” and the beautiful team-process of filmmaking

I had the opportunity to speak with Lillah Halla (she/her/them) about her beautiful film “Levante,” which centers on a promising 17-year-old volleyball player named Sofia, who is faced with an unwanted pregnancy. The film takes place in Brazil where abortion is against the law. She […]

Rebecca Złotowski upends stereotypes of the onscreen stepmom in her film “Other People’s Children”

I had the pleasure of interviewing Rebecca Złotowski about her film, “Other People’s Children,“ during Sundance this year. The French film was part of the spotlight program and centers on a woman named Rachel who struggles to have her own children while developing a strong bond with her boyfriend Ali’s daughter, Leila. Virginie Efira plays […]

Zero Chou on Writing and Directing White Terror-set, Female-Led Drama “Untold Herstory”

Cinema Femme met up with Taiwan’s Zero Chou, helmer of “Untold Herstory.” The feature, world-premiered in the Harbour section of this year’s International Film Festival Rotterdam (January 25-February 5), and is set in 1953, during Taiwan’s notorious White Terror. In particular, Chou’s drama zooms in […]