Why saying “Get off the internet” is terrible advice for victims of online harassment

I spoke with actor, writer, and intimacy coordinator Michela Carattini about her film “Remote Access,” which she cowrote and coproduced with screenwriter Leanne Mangan. Penelope Berkemeier directed the film. Michela, the daughter of a Panamanian-American military intelligence officer and an Australian ballerina, grew up in Germany, where she developed an interest in languages, obscure autobiographies, and criminal behavior. Michela’s award-winning storytelling is driven by her search for world’s compassion and intelligence.

Filmmaker Michal Aviad talks with Pamela Powell about her film ‘Working Woman’

Michal Aviad’s newest film, “Working Woman,” premiered at TIFF and recently screened at the Chicago International Film Festival. “Working Woman” (2018) tells a remarkably timely tale of sexual harassment in the workplace and the effects upon a woman’s entire life and family.