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With “Alice,” director Josephine Mackerras explores preconceived notions of independence, motherhood, and marriage

Josephine Mackerras debuted her first feature film, “Alice,” at the 2019 SXSW Film Festival. The story depicts how Alice, a wife and mother, reacts to her husband’s double life, leaving them in debt and on the brink of eviction. Where she turns is an unexpected choice, creating emotionally loaded questions regarding preconceived notions of independence,

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Cinema Femme Women’s History Month/Sexual Assault Awareness Month Issue — Editor’s Letter

“If you’re not having a good time, find something else that gives you some joy in life.” —Penny Marshall (October 15, 1943–December 17, 2018) When there is a passion inside you, you can’t deny it. When there is a dream and a passion inside you that you achingly want to exist, you will do everything

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2019 Sundance Ebert Fellows

(Left to right) 2019 Sundance Ebert Fellows Niani Scott, Whitney A. Spencer, and Tiffany Walden, and Cinema Femme founder Rebecca Martin

Chaz Ebert introduced me to the 2019 Sundance Ebert Fellows Niani Scott, Whitney A. Spencer, and Tiffany Walden via Instagram as they were on their way to Park City, Utah, to cover Sundance Film Festival. I read up on these intelligent and extremely talented women, and I was so inspired by their drive and past experience.

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International Women’s Day: Storytellers

The immensity of the world is humbling, and the amount of women on this planet is empowering. What’s amazing about this world is that we are always evolving, and it’s exciting! With this evolvement, we see changes in ourselves and in our world. Personally, I’d like to think that the changes in my life stem

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A Conversation Between Cinema Femme Founder Rebecca Martin and Filmmaker Tiffany Addison

FROM ACTOR TO FILMMAKER ADDISON: I have been in the industry for quite some time, I would say literally over sixteen or seventeen years. I’ve made a lot of headway as an actor. I’m working onstage, doing voice-overs, doing commercials, TV, film. I’ve had the ability and the opportunity to do something in all of

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A Conversation Between Cinema Femme Magazine Founder Rebecca Martin and Film Critic Carla Renata

GROWING UP CARLA RENATA: My father was in the military, so we traveled quite a bit. My love of film was fostered by my mom. On Sundays, my brother and I would grab some cereal, hop in bed with Mommy, and watch old movies all day long. It would be anything from Charlie Chan to

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Third World as We Do Not Know It—Why We Need More Black Panthers That Defy White Patriarchy

This essay appeared in the second issue of Cinema Femme magazine. Read the full issue here. When I first started my international film criticism career, I never thought anyone would be interested in what a twenty-something Egyptian feminist woman had to say. I was not Western, I had not studied the art of filmmaking at

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Enchanted by the Details

Orange jumpsuits with chainsaws. A dead oak tree on the front lawn. Midwest suburban house. Four teenage girls in white nightgowns and yellow hair race out of the front door of their middle-class home. The girls push away the men with chainsaws and circle around the tree with their arms linked together, like angels protecting

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American Animals

By Stephanie Dykes The question of who might be trustworthy is a constant point of contention in Bart Layton’s vision in the 2018 film “American Animals.” Can we trust the characters? Can we trust the real people involved in the real situation? Can we even trust ourselves as viewers? Layton creates a world mimicking that

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