Gabrielle Riscanevo

Our cover artist for Cinema Femme’s fourth issue, “A League of Their Own” edition, is Gabrielle Riscanevo. I first came across artist Gabrielle Riscanevo‘s work when she posted in the Facebook Group Freelancing Females.

I was drawn to her work because it reminded me of the Art Nouveau style that was popular in the late 1800s—of which painters Gustav Klimt, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and Alphonse Maria Mucha were known for—but with a modern twist. I thought Gabrielle would be perfect for our “A League of Their Own” cover because her work is warm, feminist, and moving. I asked Gabrielle more about her inspiration and process; you can read our interview below.

1. Where do you get your inspiration? Who are your influences?

A lot of my inspiration comes from beauty I find in nature. I incorporate a lot of plants and flowers into my designs. My full-time job is as a print designer for a sleepwear and intimates brand, and a lot of our prints are floral heavy. Since I was a little kid, I’ve always loved plants and flowers and I was always outside picking flowers. Two artists I love and find so much inspiration from are Sofia Bonati and Janice Sung. They’re both young women who are incredibly talented and create the most beautiful work.

2. Describe your artistic style. What films do you identify with most in style?

I think a lot of what makes my artistic style are the prints I use. I love combining prints and portraits, graphic and detailed, different mediums, and contrasting colors. I love so many different styles and I love combining them.

I’ve always loved Sofia Coppola’s “Marie Antoinette” (2006). I love contrast in my own work, and I see so much contrast in that film. The film itself is beautiful and I’ve created pieces and patterns from being inspired by the way Versailles is depicted in the movie.

3. What was your process like creating the Issue 4 cover?

For “A League of Their Own,” I wanted to show a strong woman, determined to prove the men saying “no” wrong, while still incorporating prints and my style. I watched the movie a few times before I started any sketches, and just let my imagination go. When I don’t put constraints on my imagination, I find I explore all options.

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4. What are you looking forward to for women in the arts?

I’m looking forward to more diversity! Inclusion of different races, trans women, women of different backgrounds. I recently saw “Captain Marvel” (2019) and it was so refreshing to watch a female protagonist further her own plot and not have to have a love interest. I want to see women in more diverse roles who don’t need anyone else to move the plot along. I see more and more female artists, film or print, and it’s so inspiring to be in a community that’s becoming more inclusive.

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