Directors Anna Koch and Julia Lemke celebrate cowgirls in ‘Glitter & Dust’

KRAKOW 2020 “It’s en vogue to be a cowgirl right now” by Marta Bałaga 05/06/2020 – We talked to Anna Koch and Julia Lemke, the directors of the Krakow title Glitter & Dust, only to … Continue reading Directors Anna Koch and Julia Lemke celebrate cowgirls in ‘Glitter & Dust’

Italy’s Valentina Pedicini talks about ‘Faith’ and isolation

We had the chance to chat with the Apulia-born director Valentina Pedicini, who talked through the making of her successful documentary “Faith”, produced by Donatella Palermo for Stemal Entertainment and … Continue reading Italy’s Valentina Pedicini talks about ‘Faith’ and isolation

Director Rebecca Stern combines her love for animals and filmmaking with ‘Well Groomed’

Rebecca Stern, director of the much-talked-about SXSW film “Well Groomed,” has married her love of animals and her passion, skills, and knowledge of filmmaking to create a visually entertaining film with a compelling underlying narrative arc. Featuring four women who compete in the arena of creative dog grooming, Stern brings us into this relatively unknown world and tells a story of art and friendship.

‘Maiden’: How an all-women sailing team fought sexism and made history

“Maiden” (2019) is the harrowing true tale of how Skipper Tracy Edwards pushed against the acceptable gender tides of racing in 1989–1990 and then changed the boat racing world and women’s education to today.

Filmmaker and storyteller Colette Ghunim retraces her heritage with ‘Traces of Home’

Colette Ghunim has been on my radar for awhile. Her work comes from a place of passion and is really making a positive impact on our film culture and world. … Continue reading Filmmaker and storyteller Colette Ghunim retraces her heritage with ‘Traces of Home’

Why was ‘Thelma & Louise’ such an impactful film? Jennifer Townsend’s documentary explores why

I recently spoke with Townsend over the phone about how she created this fascinating documentary and how things have changed for women in film since “Thelma & Louise” came out in 1991.

CherryPicks founder and ‘Being Frank’ director Miranda Bailey is paving the way for women in film

Miranda Bailey is not just one thing—she is Miranda Bailey, the producer, director, actor, founder of CherryPicks, mother, and inspiration to women in the industry.

Director Alison Klayman discusses her new documentary ‘The Brink’

Never in recent memory has there been such a volatile time in politics than today and one man has added his own fuel to the fire—Steve Bannon. Director Alison Klayman has opened the doors into this man’s life with her new film “The Brink” (2019), giving viewers a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes action and the inner workings of politics like never seen before.

‘Hail Satan?’: interview with documentary filmmaker Penny Lane

“Hail Satan?” (2019) is not only an eye-catching title, the content is eye-opening! The upbeat, energetic, and talented documentary filmmaker Penny Lane gave Sundance audiences food for thought in this hilarious new film that reveals the truth about The Satanic Temple and our own country’s issues with separation of Church and State.

The contours of fear: a documentary elegy

It is a pessimistic view of life in America, and for Yance Ford and millions of people who look like him, it is a daily reality: living with the fear of being treated as a second-class citizen in school, housing, employment, and the law.

An interview with Docademia cofounder Nassim Abdi

We spoke with Nassim Abdi, Ph.D, on what inspired her to found Docademia and the power of using documentaries when teaching in classrooms. Docademia is a social initiative that uses independent documentaries to bring social justice discussions to life in classrooms.