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“A League of Their Own” Issue Cover Artist: Gabrielle Riscanevo

Our cover artist for Cinema Femme’s fourth issue, “A League of Their Own” edition, is Gabrielle Riscanevo. I first came across artist Gabrielle Riscanevo‘s work when she posted in the Facebook Group Freelancing Females. I was drawn to her work because it reminded me of the Art Nouveau style that was popular in the late

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The Watchers: The Compelling Gaze in “The Virgin Suicides”

By Marjorie H. Morgan “The Virgin Suicides” film is a feast of watchers: it confirms that we are all watched and we all watch. Like George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four,” this film reminds the viewer that we are all under constant surveillance. Sofia Coppola directs her own screenplay adaptation of the novel by Jeffrey Eugenides from

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My Journey with Sofia

A Personal Essay by Rebecca Martin, founder of Cinema Femme magazine I’ve followed Sofia Coppola’s career closely, ever since 2003. In 2003 I saw the film that became my gateway in to the cinephile world, Lost in Translation. Friends in college (where I was in 2003) felt that I possibly had an unhealthy obsession with the film and

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