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For me, movies have always felt like home. I watch films not just for enjoyment, but for finding a deepness in life, finding understanding, finding that place where I feel like I belong.

And I’ve always felt like people who have that same passion for film, those are my people. I found these people back in 2011 when I was desperately wanting to talk to people about the movies I’d been seeing. So I thought, you know what? I’m going to start a Meetup, I’m going to see if people show up. Our first Meetup was “Eat Chinese, Talk ‘Chinatown’ (1974)” This was just me being hokey and thinking, okay, people might come. And I was shocked that about twenty people came. And we just ate Chinese food and talked about “Chinatown.”

I was hooked from that point on. I just felt that movies, talking about movies… this is where the magic is. This is what I want to be a part of. I want to talk about movies, and I want to get people together to talk about movies. I want to make these deep connections through film.

 Fast forward a few years, I realized that talking about film is something that I really loved, and I really wanted to get my voice out there, along with other voices. And so I started a YouTube series and then did a podcast called “Fresh Perspective,” cohosted with Jeff Broitman and Christine Sellin.

I also realized during this time that women weren’t being as represented as much as they should be. Just like I started my film group back in 2011, I wanted to start something where women could get their voices out there. So I started Cinema Femme.

The more I got deeper into it, the more I realized, there is a small percentage of women represented in film and film criticism. I found a place where I could fulfill a need and create something. And this is where Cinema Femme came from.

So, now, this magazine has been put together by people who are passionate about film and getting female voices out there about film. And it’s amazing. Through the personal essays, from me interviewing women who are film critics and filmmakers, I’m blown away by the passion women have for film just like I do. I’m so excited about this first issue—it is beautiful and the words are powerful.

Thank you, and thank you for supporting Cinema Femme.

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