April Showcase Introduction

As 2020 brought us many challenges in how we share stories, digital platforms and online discussions brought us all closer. Cinema Femme is the voice of the female film experience, a mission that is exemplified by our April 2021 showcase. Womxn all over the world want to tell their stories, and female filmmakers who bring these stories to the screen should be shared!

For our April showcase, we have selected four films for our main competition, and two films for our Spotlight. A six-month mentorship will be awarded to the winning main competition film’s filmmaker with award-winning filmmaker Cecilia Albertini (“Labor” “Francis Ford Coppola Live Cinema”).

Our spotlight films are “Turkey’s Done!”, a short comedic film revolving around Peaches Bracco, played by Cheri Oteri,a South Philly housewife, who is impatiently waiting for her cheating husband to come home for a Thanksgiving he’ll never forget. The film is co-directed by Monique Impagliazzo and Jennifer Tini. LIVE Q&A after film screening with directors and cast after film screening moderated by Katherine Bourne Taylor (“Cool for Five Seconds”, “Ships in the Night”, “Lovecraft Country”).

And for Sexual Assault Awareness Month we spotlight“JEN, 28,”. The short puts a new lens on sexual assault, story by Jessica Sharples. LIVE Q&A after film screening with Jessica Sharples, moderated by Annarosa Mudd (“TAPE”).

The four short film selected for the main competition and who are in the running for the six-month mentorship with filmmaker Cecilia Albertini (“Labor”“Francis Ford Coppola Live Cinema”) are “Other People” a short about the growing pains of coming-of-age by Anna Fredrikke Bjerke;”Fletcher,” a story about an unconventional morning after a one-night stand, directed by Emma Thatcher;Sydney Morgan’s powerful and lyrical “Hues and Hidden Kings,” echoing the reverberations of #BlackLivesMatter; and Michelle Hernandez‘ “Douk,” a fact-based story about a Native American family. Q&A following Short Block screening with filmmakers, moderated by Deborah Goodwin.

Event details coming soon, follow cinemafemme.com/showcase

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