Cinema Femme presents our April Showcase
Main Competition Short Film Block 

A filmmaker behind one of the four selected films for this month’s showcase will be awarded a six-month mentorship with with award-winning Italian filmmaker Cecilia Albertini (“Labor”, “Francis Ford Coppola’s Live Cinema”). 

The festival emphasizes the importance of supporting emerging female and non-binary filmmakers by connecting them to seasoned industry members through our six-month Womxn to Womxn in Film Mentorship Program. The goal is for talented emerging female and non-binary filmmakers to have long-lasting, successful careers.

The four main-competition shorts are streaming now. Join us for a 30-minute Q&A with the filmmakers moderated by screenwriter/director Deborah Goodwin (“Vampires in Venice,” “The Pastor”) on Saturday (4/17) at 3 PM EST.
*The films and the Q&A are $10, but we understand that not everyone can pay the full fee, so we have a “pay what you can” sliding scale. We appreciate your support as we are a small organization dedicated to elevating underrepresented voices in film and supporting the career sustainability of female-identifying filmmakers!

Unlock Films and LIVE Event
April Showcase Short Block Promo
Our Main Competition Block Films are NOW SHOWING! This block features the four short films selected for the main competition in our April Showcase. All of these films are in the running to be awarded a six-month mentorship with filmmaker Cecilia Alberti (“Labor”, “Francis Ford Coppola’s Live Cinema”). These films include “Other People” a short about the growing pains of coming-of-age by Anna Fredrikke Bjerke; “Fletcher,” a story about an unconventional morning after a one-night stand, directed by Emma Thatcher; Sydney Morgan’s powerful and lyrical “Hues and Hidden Kings,” echoing the reverberations of #BlackLivesMatter; and Michelle Hernandez’ “Douk,” a fact-based story about a Native American family. 


Anna Fredrikke Bjerke is a Norwegian screenwriter and director. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Central Saint Martins and a Master of Arts from New York University in filmmaking and gender studies. Her work has traveled the film festival circuit internationally and been featured by Girls in Film, Director’s Notes, NoBudge, Melk, NRKK’s Kulturstrip, and more. Her goal as a filmmaker is to tell boundary-pushing stories which break down the preconceived notion of the “likeable” female protagonist and create a dialogue around the complexities of sexuality.A multifaceted director, Anna works across narrative, music videos, and commercials. Most recently she directed Exposed, a narrative short film, which she pitched at the 2020 Screen Talent Europe. She is currently in development with a TV-series for Paradox, a visual album for singer songwriter Mimmi, and her first narrative feature, an ensemble piece set on New Year’s Eve, which has been selected for the 2021 edition of TFL Next Film.

Michelle Hernandez is a Native American filmmaker and photographer. She is a Wiyot tribal member and grew up on the Table Bluff Reservation. She received her MFA in Film and Electronic Media at American University and her B.A. in both Film and Native American Studies at Humboldt State University. Her work primarily focuses on the importance of culture, traditions, and identity. With her work, she wants to create diverse stories with representation.


You can classify me as a vivacious pistol in a small yet MIGHTY package, but most importantly a rebel with a cause. I am an African American actress of Native American distinct from the Blackfoot Tribe and Cherokee Tribe. I received my Bachelors of Fine Arts in the First Inaugural class of Studio School for Acting in Film and Television. I am from Queens, New York and Delaware, where I attended high school at Cab Calloway School of the Arts in Theater. Currently, Your girl from Queens now resides in Los Angeles, California.My film credits include a USC family film called Guppy, action sci-fi film called Now Loading as the lead character of Grace Ripley. A Movie Musical of the true life story of Ronnie The Bren Gun Girl as Allison. And you may see some Sass and Sizzle in my Film Sketch Club called Happy Sketch Lab.In Theater, I recently played the character of Linda in the play Does A Tiger Wear A Necktie. Previous productions I have been in are Almost Maine, Wild Party, Death Proof, and The Wolves.I received my writing and directorial debut in my short film called Hues and Hidden Kings, a film that showcases the poetic dialogue of racial and political injustice in America. It is the redefining declaration of inheritance made by African American artists. The short film has recently been selected and screened at film festivals within the United States and internationally. And now, alongside screenings of my short film Hues and Hidden Kings in festivals, I am currently in production for producing and performing my first one-woman show called Raw, Regal, and Real. And remember,“We are the lineage of Kings and Queens”- Sydney Morgan, Hues and Hidden Kings

Emma Thatcher (she/her) is a Chicago-based filmmaker, actor, and photographer. After studying acting at NYU, she began producing,writing, directing, and editing short films. Her work focuses on intimate, humanistic stories through a unique lo-fi and micro-bud-get lens. She often utilizes improvisation on set so that the actors can bring their own voice to their characters. She’s very grateful for her vibrant and inventive Chicago film community– which she’ll be working with to shot her first feature this Summer.
Deborah Goodwin
Deborah’s Urbanworld Film Festival, Best Screenplay win for her darkly provocative family drama “Cherrys”, launched her filmmaking path. She has worked with and written for Emmy-winning and Independent Spirit Award nominated Producers, and for shows like the cult favorite horror anthology series “Tales from The Cryptkeeper.” Best known for her horror fable Vampires in Venice, (Marché du Film Cannes) and her action/drama, The Pastor, released by Fathom Events and AMC. Deborah is an alumni of both Film Independent and IFP (now The Gotham) labs. She is a Sundance Collab advisor and screenwriting professor at Brooklyn College. Deborah is the co-creator, and writer of “Hot Freeze” the noir-crime-thriller based on the popular Montreal set, pulp fiction novel, the series has been optioned by Canadian Producer NOMADIC (Hell on Wheels, Van Helsing, Fargo). 

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