BEYOND BARBIE: Ten must-see films now playing, including the new Joyce Carol Oates doc, Linh Tran’s feature debut, and the sensual coming-of-age gem “Piaffe”

Besides Greta Gerwig’s history-making “Barbie,” which became both the highest-grossing film of the year as well as the highest-grossing film directed by a woman, another of the most pleasurable experiences I recently had in a movie theater was seeing Emma Seligman’s “Bottoms.” Every frame and […]

Cinema Femme’s 225 Essential Films to see directed by women and non-binary people: Part Two (1982 – 2004) The emergence and discovery of indie gems during the pandemic

The list has been generated by Cinema Femme contributors, and the titles are listed chronologically on our Letterboxd HQ account. Here we highlight some of these films, breaking them down by theme. Today we feature Part Two, highlighting independent films directed by women and non-binary […]