Over the past few years, and it seems like from the beginning of time, when it comes to an opinion, in general, male (specifically white men) have been the represented majority through print, on camera, and behind the camera.

But now, we are starting to see the beginnings of women not giving a f**k of the way things used to be, by carrying on, standing strong, and doing what they love. It wasn’t always this way, as we know, but as women passionately pursue their dreams and voice their passions we stand stronger, and even stronger together. On the pages of Cinema Femme the voices of the female film experience. I, as founder, realize now, more then ever, that there is a need for a magazine like Cinema Femme that celebrates the female voice, whether it’s through film criticism or filmmaking. Cinema Femme is meant to go beyond just the magazine, by being a movement, and impacting the film culture and climate.

The Cinema Femme movement and impact will hopefully bring more female and diverse representation in film criticism.The white men, who have been the voiced majority have the most influence on the movie goer, by recommending what films they should see and shouldn’t see, and what’s a “good” or “bad” film. An increase in representation of female and diversity in film criticism will bring more diverse films to the surface and the funding will follow to support these films.

The Future is Female, I believe that, because women are standing up, and we’re realizing that we stand up stronger together. Viva Cinema Femme!

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