“Rita Wishman’s Birthday” is a dark comedy about ‘Rita Wishman’s’ (played by Ariel Kavoussi) 30th birthday.

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Charlotte Film Festival (Virtual Edition) 2020, Official Selection

Director/Producer/Writer/Editor: Ariel Kavoussi
Starring: Ariel Kavoussi, Magnus Kavoussi, Judith Salavetz, Max Drazen
Cinematography/Sound: Moebius Simmons
Additional Editor: Justin Kavoussi
Color Correct: Jenny Montgomery
Special Thanks: Lillian LaSalle, Nick Kavoussi, Saemi Kavoussi, & my Patreon Backers
Thank you: Caveh Zahedi, William George-Louis, Drue Langlois, Onur Tukel, Rebecca Kavoussi, Mario Montes, Michael Montes, Gabriela Azevedo, Thammika Songkaeo, Don Cameron, Allison Toren, Meg Navoy

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