The Cinema Femme Phenomenal Woman Award: This award is given to the filmmaker who embodies the spirit of Cinema Femme, which is exemplified by womxn supporting womxn in the industry. The recipient has a positive and unique approach to filmmaking, and is also recognized for displaying a strong style and vision in their work.

The award was given to Katrine Weber, from Denmark, director of “A Morning, A Mother & A Boy” (Denmark), which was featured in the Main Competition Short Block. The short is an everyday drama portraying one morning in the life of a mother and her four-year-old son. We follow the mother and child through all the morning routines while the boy stubbornly tries to stretch out time to avoid going to kindergarten. The film is a slice of life and a self-portrait about motherhood and its dilemmas that many parents will recognise from their own lives.

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Director Biography – As a trained Anthropologist and documentary filmmaker, Katrine Weber’s approach to filmmaking is both personal and objective – exploring the universal themes of life through personal stories. Being raised in a socialist co-housing community in Denmark, and as a mother of 3, she has especially explored the themes of family, growing up and womanhood.

In Katrine’s previous documentary SKRÅPLANET, she looked into the experience, and repercussions of children growing up in a 1970’s co-housing community in Denmark. During autumn 2020, she joined Ecole DE LETH, a film school based on the filmmaking approach of the Danish film director and poet, Jørgen Leth – who is also the grandfather of the Dogma-movement and the personal subjective documentary. Katrine’s most recent documentary A MORNING, A MOTHER & A BOY was the final project at the school, where she worked with several obstructions and explored the personal dilemmas of motherhood during everyday life.

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