Screening at Music Box Theater on 6/8 at 7 PM, get your tickets here.

Interview conducted in February 27, 2022.

Cinema Femme Q&A with Wendy Robie (“Twin Peaks”), Clare Cooney (“Runner”, “Pick Up”), Emily Lape (“Mercy’s Girl”), Melissa DuPrey (“Grey’s Anatomy”), Elizabeth Stam (“Bleed American”), and Director of Photography Olivia Aquilina about their film “Relative”, directed by Michael Glover Smith.

“Relative” is a comedy/drama about three days in the life of a modern American family. The “Relative” world premiere will be at the 15th annual Gasparilla International Film Festival on the evening of Saturday, March 12. It will be held at the AMC West Shore 14 theater in Tampa, Florida. See schedule:

SUMMARY: David and Karen Frank are retirement-age progressive activists who have lived in the same Victorian home in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood for 30 years. It’s the house in which their four children grew up and where two of their children, adult sons Benji and Rod, still live. On the eve of Benji’s graduation from college, daughters Evonne and Norma return home from out-of-state for a weekend celebration. Evonne brings her daughter, Emma, and newly separated wife, Lucia; Norma arrives alone, with thoughts of wasted potential as she reconsiders her suburban life; Rod, an unemployed burnout, pines for Sarah, the “cam girl” ex who left him years ago; and all Benji wants to do is escape the party to rendezvous with Hekla, a free-spirited actress he met the night prior. As David and Karen announce the potential sale of their home, each member of the Frank family finds their bonds with the others being tested – and strengthened – in surprising ways.

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