A preview of our picks for the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival. We will cover most of these. Learn more about our picks below and buy tickets here: tribecafilm.com/festival

GOOD GIRL JANE – Directed and Written by Sarah Elizabeth Mintz

World Premiere — US Narrative Competition — Acquisition

Produced by Fred Bernstein, Dominique Telson, Lauren Pratt, Sarah Elizabeth Mintz, Simone Williams

Executive Produced by Rick Jackson

Starring Rain Spencer, Patrick Gibson, Andie MacDowell, Odessa A’Zion, Olan Prenatt, Eloisa Huggins

Synopsis: Good Girl Jane is a drug-fueled love story inspired by true events. Jane (Rain Spencer), a lonely teen, struggles to find intimacy in her broken home. She sinks deeper into feelings of isolation until a raucous group of misfits throws her a lifeline. This electric crew introduces Jane to a life of pain-free acceptance and camaraderie, and offers her a much needed sense of relief. As she plunges head first into their explosive world, she encounters a charming drug dealer, Jamie (Patrick Gibson), and falls hard for him. As Jamie’s influence grows, Jane becomes entangled in his amateur meth ring. Their intoxicating relationship consumes her, causing Jane’s health and home life to erode rapidly, finally culminating in catastrophe. Ultimately, Jane is forced to choose between Jamie and her own survival.

ROVING WOMAN – Directed by Michal Chmielewski | Written by Lena Góra and Michal Chmielewski

World Premiere — Viewpoints — Acquisition

Produced by Lena Góra, Marta Lewandowska, Anna Lodej, John Hawkes

Executive Produced by Wim Wenders, Orian Williams

Starring Lena Góra, John Hawkes, Chris Hanley, Brian McGuire, Ed Mattiuzzi, Crystal Rivers, Bear Badeaux

Synopsis: A break-up leaves Sara (Lena Góra) reeling and directionless, standing alone on her ex’s doorstep in a ballgown. Following her impulses, she starts to drive through the desert and makes unexpected connections along the way.

ACIDMAN – Directed by Alex Lehmann | Written by Alex Lehmann and Chris Dowling

World Premiere — Spotlight Narrative — Acquisition

Produced by Liz Cardenas, Alex Lehmann, Dianna Agron, Christian Agypt

Starring Thomas Haden Church, Dianna Agron, Sameerah Luqmaan-Harris

Synopsis: Maggie (Dianna Agron) tracks down her estranged and reclusive father Lloyd (Thomas Haden Church); together they attempt to make first contact.

ALONE TOGETHER – World Premiere – Spotlight Narrative
Written & Directed by: Katie Holmes
Starring: Katie Holmes, Jim Sturgess, Derek Luke, Becky Ann Baker, Zosia Mamet, Melissa Leo
​​Synopsis: When happenstance leads two strangers embroiled in bad relationships into the same upstate New York Airbnb, they’re forced to confront quarantine and their disdain for one another in this unexpected and unlikely love story.

BATTLEGROUND – World Premiere – Documentary Competition (Sales: Cinetic)

Directed by: Cynthia Lowen
Produced by: Rebecca Stern and Cynthia Lowen
Executive Produced by: Jeff Sobrato, Dexter Braff, Nicole Shipley, Ryan Harrington, and Ruth Ann Harnisch

Synopsis: In the 50 years since Roe was passed, constitutional protections for abortion have never been so endangered – or the anti-abortion movement so emboldened. How have we arrived here? ‘Battleground’ follows three women who lead formidable anti-abortion organizations in their single-minded quest to overturn Roe v. Wade, as they face down forces equally determined to safeguard women’s access to safe and legal abortions.

Who are anti-abortion people? What are they driven by, what do they believe, how do they operate and what are their goals? ‘Battleground’ gets inside the anti-abortion movement as never seen before to answer these questions, with many surprises: they are women, young people, even Democrats. With close access, the film shows how the anti-choice movement is strategizing and organizing, and their determination to overturn Roe at any cost. As their power and influence propels the Supreme Court sharply right, and states race to enact unconstitutional abortion bans, the film also depicts those on the front lines of the fierce fight to maintain access.

It is widely expected that the Supreme Court will overtum or significantly dismantle Roe in June, 2022 with the decision on Dobbs vs. Mississippi. Should Roe be overturned, 26 states stand poised to ban abortion. ‘Battleground’ is required viewing for anyone with a stake in the future of abortion in America.

ENDANGERED – World Premiere – Spotlight Documentary Category (HBO)
Directed by: Heidi Ewing, Rachel Grady
Executive Producers: Ronan Farrow, Heidi Ewing, Rachel Grady
Synopsis: Patricia Campos is a reporter for the Folha de Sao Paulo outlet in Brazil. We see her arriving at a massive campaign rally, where thousands of people yell President Jair Bolsonaro’s name, call reporters “criminals” and vow to “destroy the mainstream media”. Stateside, Oliver Laughland, a British reporter for The Guardian, endures similar vitriol from far right American voters as he covers local politics and Trump rallies. In Mexico City, photographer Sashenka Gutierrez covers the growing wave of femicides in her country, as she carves out a profession in one of the most dangerous countries to be a journalist at – while in Miami, photo-journalist Carl Juste profiles a Black Lives Matter protest before it is thwarted by violent reprisals from police. These four intertwining stories make up a sobering exploration of reporters on the front lines against unrelenting campaigns of lies, misinformation and intimidation tactics.
Executive Produced by Ronan Farrow and directed by Tribeca Alums Heidi Ewing & Rachel Grady (Jesus Camp, I’ll Carry You With Me), Endangered is a deeply important & riveting verite documentary – a troubling look at the current state of press freedom on a global scale. It is a “five alarm fire” documentary in its brazen topicality – and one that purposefully aims to shake viewers off their complacency.–Jose Rodriguez


Director & Screenwriter: Signe Baumane

Cast: Dagmara Domicnik (“Succession,” “We Are The City”), Matthew Modine (“Stranger Things”), Emma Kenney (“Shameless,” “The Conners”), Cameron Monagha (“Shameless”) and Stephen Lang (Avatar 1-4)

Producers: Roberts Vinovskis, Sturgis Warner, Signe Baumane, Raoul Nadalet

Executive Producers: Matthew Modine, Adam Rackoff, John Jencks

Synopsis: From an early age, songs and fairytales convinced Zelma that Love would solve all her problems as long as she abided by societal expectations of how a girl should act. But as she grew older something didn’t seem right with the concept of love: the more she tried to conform, the more her body resisted. A story about the acceptance of the inner female rebellion.

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