Camera Ambassador and Cinema Femme Present:

The Call Sheet Magazine Vol. 2

Introducing the latest edition of the groundbreaking magazine collaboration by Camera Ambassador and Cinema Femme.

Working closely with some of the city’s creatives, our magazine takes you behind the scenes on the filmmakers of today. 

Through this unique partnership between two of Chicago’s leading femme-owned film organizations, our publication spotlights some of the raw and powerful talent emerging from the current filmmaking landscape.

The exclusive pre-release Launch Party for Vol. 2 is fast approaching! Join the featured artists and contributors on November 16th, 2023, from 6PM-9PM at Camera Ambassador (2425 W 14th St, 60608) to celebrate the next major milestone for The Call Sheet! RSVP today at

Launch Graphic for The Call Sheet Magazine Vol. 2, courtesy of Camera Ambassador and Cinema Femme

Chicago IL: After a year of hard work getting Vol. 2 ready for distribution in January 2024, we are happy to extend an exclusive invitation to anyone following our publication for a limited pre-release on November 16th, 2023. 

“We are so excited to share our next edition of The Call Sheet,” says Camera Ambassador Founder and CEO Erica Duffy, “Our vision for this volume is centered around the theme of Unconventional Superheroes and the importance of filmmakers, both behind the camera and onscreen.” Erica acts as the Publisher at The Call Sheet

The writing staff, led by Cinema Femme’s Managing Editor Rebecca Martin Fagerholm,  is composed of all femme and non-binary writers covering cinematic work. “At The Call Sheet, we elevate underrepresented voices so we may change how people see the industry, and not just from a bi-coastal perspective, but through the voices of filmmakers whose work takes place in a lot of “fly-over” areas of country such as Kansas, Michigan and Illinois,” remarks Rebecca, who acts as The Call Sheet’s Editor-in-Chief. “…I’m excited to elevate emerging filmmakers, their work, and their voices. It is a joy to have a platform like this one.”

Furthermore, Camera Ambassador’s Content Director Connor Smith leads the creative layout as The Call Sheet’s Art Director, ensuring that the magazine is unified through a singular vision and aesthetic. The magazine utilizes a mix of styles, including both digital/analog photography and illustrations alike.

The cover for the second edition of The Call Sheet magazine 

Matt Carroll, Operations and Marketing Manager at Camera Ambassador as well as Director of Circulation for The Call Sheet, was also the contributing artist behind the covers of both volume 1 and 2 of the magazine. Matt shared his thoughts on the experience: “We love the opportunity to work on something so creative with other vital members of our filmmaking community. With so many of the contributors being filmmakers themselves, there is a texture and tone inherent to the work that is inarguable and distinct.” 

The inaugural edition of the magazine was released in January of 2023. The first volume’s theme was “healing through art”. Each piece centered on how filmmaking helped the storytellers achieve catharsis of some sort. You can still read Vol. 1 at and Vol.2 will become available there in January 2024. 

The first edition of The Call Sheet magazine | Sean Su

A special thanks to our advertisers: CineCity Studios, SHOWRUNNER, Prairie Creek Productions, Planks & Pistils, We Deliver Productions, Camera Ambassador

About Cinema Femme: Cinema Femme is a platform for emerging underrepresented filmmakers, which includes women and non-binary people. To support these filmmakers, Cinema Femme showcases their short films, provides education through featured interviews, and offers mentorship with seasoned filmmakers. They are vocal about the need for change onscreen and behind the lens. They believe that together, they can change the industry for the better.

About Camera Ambassador: Founded in 2014 by Erica Duffy, Camera Ambassador is one of only three equipment rental houses nationwide that is woman-owned. Her vision was to create a vibrant community of artists by providing high-quality film equipment, top-notch service, and genuine support. Camera Ambassador is a one-stop shop, carrying everything from cameras and lenses to grip trucks and expendables. While supporting clients through equipment rentals is their primary focus, they are much more than that. They offer monthly workshops & feedback sessions, host screenings, provide internships, and fund the annual Community Builders Grant. Camera Ambassador loves getting to know their clients and supporting them in all areas of development and creation.

List of The Call Sheet Vol. 2 Contributors (in order of appearance): 

-MATT CARROLL (he/him)






-LUA BORGES (she/her)

-MADDY CASALE (she/her)

-DAPHNE WILSON (she/her)

-REY TANG (she/her)

-TEXAS SMITH (they/he)


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