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Palm Springs Shortfest 2023: Noam Argov talks about her mother/daughter drama short “SULAM” (“The Ladder”)

See “SULAM” (“The Ladder”) at 2:30 PM PST on 6/24, reserve your spot! Filmmaker Noam Argov will be in attendance! Rebecca Martin Fagerholm, Managing Editor, spoke with Cinema Femme Short Film Fest 2023 Breaking Down Walls Mentor Recipient Noam Argov about her short “SULAM” (“The Ladder”). […]

Cannes 2023: Lillah Halla on her directorial debut “Levante (Power Alley)” and the beautiful team-process of filmmaking

I had the opportunity to speak with Lillah Halla (she/her/them) about her beautiful film “Levante,” which centers on a promising 17-year-old volleyball player named Sofia, who is faced with an unwanted pregnancy. The film takes place in Brazil where abortion is against the law. She […]

Rebecca Złotowski upends stereotypes of the onscreen stepmom in her film “Other People’s Children”

I had the pleasure of interviewing Rebecca Złotowski about her film, “Other People’s Children,“ during Sundance this year. The French film was part of the spotlight program and centers on a woman named Rachel who struggles to have her own children while developing a strong bond with her boyfriend Ali’s daughter, Leila. Virginie Efira plays […]

Video Interview: Chicago Spotlight award-winner Margaret Kellas on her film “this is not the morning i thought i was going to have”

Margaret Kellas, director of the short “this is not the morning i thought i was going to have,” is the recipient of the 2023 Cinema Femme Short Film Fest Chicago Spotlight Award! Chicago Spotlight Award: Awarded to a Chicago-based filmmaker recognized for the exciting work […]